Kidney Disease and the Lack of Information

Library-Books_0If you have kidney disease and high potassium levels don’t even bother to look up the potassium content of your foods, at least not until the spring of 2018.  Manufacturers have not been required to add potassium amounts to their food labeling so you may find one out of ten foods might have this mineral recorded.  Because of the prevalence of kidney disease in recent years, The National Kidney Foundation has been instrumental in advocating for this change in labeling.  

I wish there was a book somewhere that lists all the prescription and over the counter drugs, one should not take with kidney disease,  all the tests and preparations one should not undergo and a comprehensive listing of all foods with potassium and phosphorous levels.  As far as I know, such a book does not exist.

Most of what I have found out about kidney disease is from my own research and “close calls” with doctors prescribing substances I should not be taking see Kidney Disease Double-Check or Die part one,  and Kidney Disease Double-Check or Die, part two. 

I am encouraging readers if you know of an obscure medical test a person with kidney disease should not have or any other pertinent information please comment.  I would like this site to be as interactive as possible.

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