Kidney Disease and MRI’s, CT Scans and Angiograms


I found out about two months ago that I would not be able to have a CT Scan with advanced kidney disease.  My sister was having a CT Scan and mentioned to the technician “My sister has kidney disease” and was promptly told, “Your sister can’t have a CT Scan done because the dye can be damaging to her kidneys.”

Of course, immediately after my sister telling me this I looked up the information on the National Kidney Foundations’ website.   Wow. Comprehensive information!  I have to file this information away in my brain in case a medical professional refers me for a CT Scan, MRI or Angiogram.  Good grief, how am I going to remember all of this?  As I also stated in my previous posts it doesn’t matter if you emphatically tell your medical provider you have advanced kidney disease, in many cases, they might not know that what they are prescribing can be damaging to you. 

I am not blaming the medical profession at all. I am asserting that we must be in charge of our own healthcare and be our own advocate in conjunction with our nephrologist.  The bottom line is it’s up to me to double-check everything and not take at face value what is prescribed or ordered.   Physicians and medical professionals are far too busy with insurance companies putting strict time limits on patient visits and also requiring notes to be written on a patient during the visit.  How can a doctor give one comprehensive care if they are limited to a ten-minute visit where they can’t even make eye contact with you?

Remember, you have a fatal disease that progresses to dialysis and there is no cure or reversal for kidney failure.  You must be a detective when it comes to your body.



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