Double Check or Die, Part Two, Kidney Disease

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In my previous post, I talked about being prescribed a potentially harmful bowel cleaner preparation for colonoscopies.  Your diligence should not be limited to just things that go into your mouth.  I recently went to an orthopedic doctor for a cortisone shot in my foot.  I have fused bones in my mid-foot which are very painful and make it difficult to walk.  She was going to suggest I take an anti-inflammatory and I told her I had advanced kidney disease.  She prescribed a topical anti-inflammatory instead that came in a tube and was applied to the affected area.  When I got home and read the literature the cream was described as a NSAID which should not be prescribed to people with advanced kidney disease.

I looked up the name of the cream on the internet and there it was: in plain black and white it was not recommended for people with kidney disease.

Read what it says about Voltaren Gel on the internet.   It suggests asking your doctor if the gel is safe for you to take.  That doctor would be your nephrologist,  and if you are in stage 4 (as I am) the answer most likely will be no.

Other websites advise against using it all together if you have kidney disease.

Check and double check.  Your health depends on it.

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