Kidneys and Alkalinity and Acidity

urine test strips

My PH level this morning is 6.75.  After buying urine test strips online I have been comparing my PH levels 3 -5 times a day.

One first releases urine for about 5 – 10 seconds and then places the strip into the stream. After 15 seconds compare the resultant colors on the test strip to those on the bottle. Usually, morning urine is more acidic than urine drawn during the day.

I began checking the PH level of my urine two weeks ago.  I had been doing extensive research on kidney disease to see if the progression of failure could be slowed down.

There are numerous YouTube videos and articles on the internet claiming kidney cures to the disappearance of cancer by keeping one’s urine slightly alkaline.   The range of suggested alkalinity is very narrow with the optimal for anti-inflammatory effect in the 7.25 – 7.35 range.

It is wise to increase the alkalinity slowly instead of all at once.

The following articles list the pros and cons of bicarbonate therapy.  These are abstracts and in order to read the full article one must have a subscription. It is imperative to have your nephrologist involved if you plan on taking extra bicarbonate of soda as toxicity can result in further kidney damage.  One must keep a close watch on your daily PH range, preferably testing 3-4 times daily.


Bicarbonate Therapy for Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease Progression

Effects of Oral Sodium Bicarbonate in Patients With CKD

Uric Acid Increases the Risk for Kidney Disease 

Unearthing Uric Acid: An ancient factor with recently found significance in renal and cardiovascular diseases


Acute Toxicity from Baking Powder Ingestion

Severe Metabolic Alkalosis Due to Baking Soda Ingestion: Case Reports of Two Patients With Unsuspected Antacid Overdose 

Also please be aware that “sodium” bicarbonate is loaded with salt.  Make sure your nephrologist or primary care physician knows are taking bicarb, I found out yesterday my blood pressure went up 20 points after taking bicarb for 5 weeks. I stopped.

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