Kidney Disease, The Discovery

I found out I had stage three kidney disease when I was sixty years old and living in South Carolina.  I had only recently moved to the Walterboro area about twelve months previously and had been diligent about seeing my primary care doctor yearly for physicals and blood tests while living in Massachusetts.

Later, I sent away for my records from Massachusetts and there it was, my GFR was 45% at my last physical with my former doctor.  The GFR value from the blood test indicated I had 45% left of my kidney function.  Why didn’t my doctor let me know?

I was very angry at first but now, six years later with 20% functioning kidneys, I realize she was probably in a big, “insurance required” hurry when she saw me.  I know she didn’t even look at my blood tests because they were clearly marked for BUN, Creatinine, and GFR.  BUN or blood urea nitrogen was higher than normal as was Creatine, both indicate the levels of toxins in my bloodstream which my kidneys were unable to filter out.  The three are indicative of damaged kidneys.

From the outset of my story, I am urging readers to get copies of their blood tests and look up the values that are indicated as being “high” or “low.” Your life can depend on it.

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