Online Kidney Disease Support (repost)

NKF and HealthUnlocked have created four new online communities to provide help, support, and information for: Kidney Disease Community for anyone affected by or at risk of kidney disease – Kidney Dialysis Community for support of people on dialysis – Living Donor Community for people who have donated a kidney – Transplant […]

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Me Without Healthcare….


An important post from another blogger…


Again, a rare occurrence to get political on my blog.  Because whether people agree with me or not, this is a matter of life & death.  The AHCA/BCRA must not pass!

I do not joke about death.  Yet, after asking nicely with no movement & amendments sure to get worse, I know no other way to get through.

The 13 authors don’t want to be called heartless or murderers then don’t pass this cruel bill.

Some may say it’s extreme, but I’m tired of playing nice & being ignored, & getting canned responses about how I must take more personal responsibility when I’ve taken plenty.

I’ll be sending this mock obituary through to my delegation tonight because I think they need to see the consequences of a “Yes” Vote:

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Kidney Disease and MRI’s, CT Scans and Angiograms


I found out about two months ago that I would not be able to have a CT Scan with advanced kidney disease.  My sister was having a CT Scan and mentioned to the technician “My sister has kidney disease” and was promptly told, “Your sister can’t have a CT Scan done because the dye can be damaging to her kidneys.”

Of course, immediately after my sister telling me this I looked up the information on the National Kidney Foundations’ website.   Wow. Comprehensive information!  I have to file this information away in my brain in case a medical professional refers me for a CT Scan, MRI or Angiogram.  Good grief, how am I going to remember all of this?  As I also stated in my previous posts it doesn’t matter if you emphatically tell your medical provider you have advanced kidney disease, in many cases, they might not know that what they are prescribing can be damaging to you.  Continue reading

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Kidney Disease and the Lack of Information

Library-Books_0If you have kidney disease and high potassium levels don’t even bother to look up the potassium content of your foods, at least not until the spring of 2018.  Manufacturers have not been required to add potassium amounts to their food labeling so you may find one out of ten foods might have this mineral recorded.  Because of the prevalence of kidney disease in recent years, The National Kidney Foundation has been instrumental in advocating for this change in labeling.   Continue reading

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Kidney Disease and Alcohol


I used to love to have an occasional glass of wine (or two.)  Usually on the weekends.  I especially like a good Merlot with a slice of pizza.   But, with kidney disease, alcohol makes the kidneys work harder.

I remember one time I ignored this fact and had three glasses of wine the day before I had my monthly renal panel blood test.   My BUN (blood urea nitrogen) went up by 30% and my GFR (granular filtration rate) went down by 4 points after remaining somewhat steady.

No matter how much I think one drink will not harm me, in the long run, I need to do everything I can to preserve my kidneys. Continue reading

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Double Check or Die, Part Two, Kidney Disease

Portrait of pretty young woman working on laptop while sitting on sofa at home

In my previous post, I talked about being prescribed a potentially harmful bowel cleaner preparation for colonoscopies.  Your diligence should not be limited to just things that go into your mouth.  I recently went to an orthopedic doctor for a cortisone shot in my foot.  I have fused bones in my mid-foot which are very painful and make it difficult to walk.  She was going to suggest I take an anti-inflammatory and I told her I had advanced kidney disease.  She prescribed a topical anti-inflammatory instead that came in a tube and was applied to the affected area.  When I got home and read the literature the cream was described as a NSAID which should not be prescribed to people with advanced kidney disease. Continue reading

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Double Check or Die, Chronic Kidney Disease

woman checking

I Scheduled my colonoscopy a month previous and it was the day before the hated test.  I got the large, gallon-sized container out of the bathroom and read the label for the first time.


  • Generic Name: peg-3350, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and potassium chloride
  • Brand Name: TriLyte

Potassium Chloride!  I have hyperkalemia and made sure to tell the physician’s assistant at the gastroenterology department at the large teaching hospital about my stage 4 kidney disease and high potassium.  I carefully read the entire booklet that came with the product and decided to go on to Google Scholar and look up references.  Why would I put more potassium in my body when my already overloaded kidneys couldn’t take it all out? Continue reading

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High potassium or hyperkalemia in kidney disease

As the kidney function declines so does the ability remove potassium from the blood stream.  A potassium level that is too  high or too low is dangerous and can cause death.

Hyperkalemia or high potassium is detected through a blood test.  The normal values are  3.6 to 5.2.  Potassium is a major nutrient that is important for proper cardiac function and for the working of muscles and nerves.

A somewhat simple formula for identifying high potassium foods are usually the healthier a food is the higher the potassium level.  (Although this formula does not work in all cases.)  Spinach, kale, asparagus are all high potassium foods and white bread and white rice are lower in potassium than their wheat and brown counterparts.    Continue reading

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Kidneys and Alkalinity and Acidity

urine test strips

My PH level this morning is 6.75.  After buying urine test strips online I have been comparing my PH levels 3 -5 times a day.

One first releases urine for about 5 – 10 seconds and then places the strip into the stream. After 15 seconds compare the resultant colors on the test strip to those on the bottle. Usually, morning urine is more acidic than urine drawn during the day.

I began checking the PH level of my urine two weeks ago.  I had been doing extensive research on kidney disease to see if the progression of failure could be slowed down. Continue reading

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Kidney Disease, The Discovery

I found out I had stage three kidney disease when I was sixty years old and living in South Carolina.  I had only recently moved to the Walterboro area about twelve months previously and had been diligent about seeing my primary care doctor yearly for physicals and blood tests while living in Massachusetts.

Later, I sent away for my records from Massachusetts and there it was, my GFR was 45% at my last physical with my former doctor.  The GFR value from the blood test indicated I had 45% left of my kidney function.  Why didn’t my doctor let me know?

Continue reading

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